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Hole by Jean Alexander Frater, Please do not remove artist credits.

I want our relationship to be the kind where I can acknowledge another girl’s beauty, but you would never be able to deny that there could be a hundred different variations of her in a room, and you’d still be the only one I see. You’d still be the only one who could knock the wind out of me before introducing yourself. You’d still be the only one who could bring me to my knees, unable to get back up without the help of your hand.
You’d still be the only one I see. And I’d choose you a thousand lifetimes over.
-Connotativewords | jl | Won Over (via connotativewords)


(via connotativewords)

I’m sorry. It’s not that I used you it’s just that I was searching for myself through your skin. Smelling your beautiful scented perfume only left me to think this meant more to you than it did to me. Knowing that when you leave you smile but to me it’s just a routine. I’ve done it. I have been there. I am sorry. The countless times the word love was thrown only to protect you from knowing the truth. I’m sorry I tried to convince my soul that if this is who I am I should let go. I’m sorry I already knew how the beginning and end would be. I’m sorry it was me.
-Manhattantoparis (via manhattantoparis)

(via manhattantoparis)